4 Ways To Treat Your Dog on National Dog Day

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Treat Your Dog on National Dog Day | Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

Your furry friend deserves the best treatment 365 days a year. But, today - let’s give them a little extra love and attention in recognition of National Dog Day.

Whether you take them for a walk, give them a new toy or show them the unconditional love they crave, here are 4 ways you can treat your dog on August 26th.

4 Ways To Treat Your Dog on National Dog Day

Take Them For a Walk, Swim or Ride

There’s a good chance your dog has a favorite form of exercise. While one pup may be bringing their leash to you, excited to go outside and roam around. Another, may scratch at the door that looks out to the shiny blue pool, waiting for the moment they can jump in and swim. You may even have the kind of dog who can’t wait to ride in the front seat of your car.

Whichever mode of transportation your best friend prefers, make today special and take them for a walk, swim or ride. It’s the little moments and excursions that will make your dog healthy, happy and full of energy.

Spoil Them With a New Toy

As a human, you know there’s nothing like bringing home something new. Whether you buy a new outfit, technological device or a pair of shoes - the excitement of “newness” promotes a surge of positive chemicals in your brain.

The same excitement and unbridled joy goes for your pup. That’s why you should pick up a new toy for them to chew on this National Dog Day.

Grab a squeaky toy, rope or stuffed animal and surprise your dog during playtime. Not only will they be incredibly excited to discover something new, it will keep them happy and entertained for hours on end.

Buy Them a Special Treat

Who doesn’t love going out to eat for your favorite meal? Pick your cuisine, find your spot of choice and bask in the aroma of delectable flavors.

While there aren’t exactly restaurants for dogs, your pup’s favorite meal can still be enjoyed from the comfort of their bowl at home.

Give them a little extra scoop of their preferred chow and buy them a surprise treat. Today’s a special occasion and they deserve an extra reminder of how much you truly love them.

In fact, there’s no better way to say “You’re my best friend” then to buy your pup a macaron from Bonne et Filou.

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Bonne et Filou locally sources human-grade ingredients for your pup’s chewy treats. There are only three simple ingredients: coconut oil, oat flour, and honey. The filling is an all-natural yogurt that comes in cooling mint, relaxing lavender, and refreshing strawberry.

They are also recommended by vets. Treat your pup to a variety pack or choose a flavor you know they’ll love!

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Shower Them With Love, Attention & Care

Finally, while your dog is guaranteed to love the walk around the block, their new chew toy and a delicious sweet treat - all they really want is your undivided attention.

Be sure to rub their bellies, scratch behind their ears and give them the care and love they so desperately yearn.

Have them sit next to you on the couch, lay by you in bed or under your feet while you're working the day away. As long as your dog can be by your side, there’s nothing more that they want in the world.

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