5 Best Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

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Best Tips For Traveling With Your Pet | Photo by Egor Gordeev on Unsplash

Whether you’re an adventurous spirit or move around often for work or leisure, traveling is full of experiences and moments that you’ll remember forever. So, why not share the journey with your best furry friend?

January 2nd is National Pet Travel Safety Day and it’s dedicated to keeping your pet safe while traveling. No matter if it’s a train, plane or automobile, we want to make sure that no matter where our pets go with us - that they stay happy, healthy and protected.

If you’re thinking of taking your pet for a ride in the car, hopping on a plane or making a move across the country - here are 5 tips and best practices you should remember when traveling with your pet.

5 Tips & Best Practices For Traveling With Your Pet

  1. Before Your Trip, Make Sure Your Pet Has Visited The Vet For a Checkup

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Photo by Agustina Gabes on Unsplash

Prior to taking your pet on any kind of major trip, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup.

The reason for doing this is truly precautionary and to ensure that your pet is in top notch health before embarking on your journey. Just like for many humans, traveling can often evoke stressful feelings in pets.

They are taken out of their secure home environment and met with unfamiliar sensory objects that may cause them to feel anxiety or nervousness.

Therefore, in addition to a checkup to make sure your pet’s overall health is in excellent condition, you should ask your veterinarian for any expert tips on how to keep your pet calm and steady during their trip.

Many professionals do not recommend sedating your pet before a long flight, so instead listen to your vet’s recommendations on how to create a comfortable environment for your pet.

Lastly, while you’re at the vet’s office, you’ll want to check that your pet’s vaccination records are fully up to date. This is important as many airlines and travel providers will want a proof of health and any records for your pet prior to accepting them as a passenger.

  1. Purchase a Safety & Traveling Approved Crate


Photo by Raoul Droog on Unsplash

Another step you’ll need to take in preparation for your trip is to purchase an approved crate. This crate should be used in all types of trips including car rides, trains and flights. If you decide to not use a crate while traveling with your pet in a car, you’ll need to purchase a harness or leash to keep them buckled and secure.

The crate you purchase should be well ventilated and should also be large enough for your pet to fully stand up and move around. Remember, your pet could be in this crate for hours on end, so you’ll want them to be as comfortable as possible.

Another tip for your crate is to make sure that it has some form of lining in the case of any accidents. You can also add a pet blanket to make it more comfortable for your pet.

Lastly, your pet is guaranteed to get thirsty and hungry during the trip. So, if you’re flying and unable to attend to your pet, purchasing a water bottle that connects to the crate is the best solution to keep your pet hydrated and placing a small bowl of food or treats will curb their hunger.

It is also recommended that your crate be securely closed, but not locked. In any case of emergency, a travel attendant may need to open your pet’s crate and take them out.

  1. Bring Proper Identification & Any Records For Your Pet

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In addition to preparing your pet for a comfortable trip, you’ll need to verify that you have all of your pet’s records on hand to show to the travel provider as well as their latest form of identification.

Records usually include vaccinations or any other papers that highlight your pet’s current health status.

And, as for identification, there are a few forms to consider:

  • A tag on your pet’s collar - this should include their name, address and a contact number
  • Copy of your pet’s registration that is usually obtained when they are adopted or bought
  • Ask your veterinarian if there is any other form of identification they recommend for you to bring as a backup

Copies of all these documents are sufficient as you don’t want to lose the originals. Just like you need your state ID or passport to travel, your pet needs identification, an emergency contact and vaccination records.

  1. Put Together A Travel Kit For Your Furry Friend

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Photo by Josh Rakower on Unsplash

Now, that you’ve put together the precautionary elements for your pet’s trip, you’ll need to make a travel bag for them to use the day of your adventure.

Think of this travel kit as your pet’s own carry-on bag. You’ll want to include comforts of home as well as the essentials. This includes:

  • Leash
  • Bowl
  • Food (preferably dry)
  • Water Bottle
  • Any medications they may need / first aid kit
  • Waste bags / Scooper
  • Their favorite toy
  • Extra treats
  • Grooming supplies such as brush
  • Copy of their documents and identification

If you’re leaving your pet during the trip, some of these items will go with them in their crate such as food, water and their favorite toy. Yet, be cautious as to how much you place in your pet’s crate because you don’t want them to cause a mess or feel claustrophobic.

Lastly, if your pet needs to take any form of medication, you’ll need to communicate this with the travel attendant in the instance that your flight has a layover. If possible, it’s best to try and book a straight through journey while traveling with a pet, in order to avoid causing your pet unnecessary, added stress.

  1. Keep Them Safe & Healthy With Pet Insurance

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Photo by Egor Gordeev on Unsplash

Now that you know exactly how to prepare and travel safely with your pet, let’s talk about how you can keep them even more protected during your trip and for the rest of their life.

Pet insurance is a guaranteed way to ensure that your pet is protected no matter. Whether an accident occurs, they fall sick or simply need a checkup - a good insurance plan can keep your pet healthy and happy for many years to come.

Especially when you’re traveling, pet insurance can be the added safety net that gives you the peace of mind knowing that your pet has the coverage they need. While you never want anything to happen to your best friend, you’ll be able to travel lighter knowing that your pet is in good hands.

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So, there you have it - 5 tips and best practices for traveling with your pet. We hope you found these helpful and feel more prepared to take your pet on a safe travel adventure!

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