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Vet costs are through the roof these days. Protect your pet and your wallet.

40% of dogs get cancer in their lifetimes. Treatment starts at $6,000 and can easily run up to $10,000-$15,000+.
Common procedures like MRI scans cost $2,000 and a torn ligament (seen in medium-to-large size dogs and especially active dogs) can be $3,000-8,000 per knee.
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The team at Fursure has been so helpful with my old dog Goose and now my young puppy Scout. From helping me choose the best insurance plan to spending time making sure I submitted my claims correctly I can't speak highly enough about them. They have a highly personalized style of working with clients and I know they truly care about my dog!

Caroline G., Golden Dog Mom (Scout)

I was so lucky to have the Fursure team when navigating the pet insurance market as a new puppy owner! Catherine & Keji educated me on the ins & outs of pet insurance, then helped me find an affordable & comprehensive policy with a provider I have been thrilled with (not to mention at half the cost of the policy I found myself). The Fursure team's care didn't stop there though as they continued to reach out to make sure I was pleased with the policy & Jasper was getting the high-level of care he deserves. Thanks Fursure!

Greg N., Border Collie Mix Dad (Jasper)

My mom just got me the best insurance! 🥳 Thanks so much to this great new company Fursure for making it SO EASY to find the best option for me, based on my mom's budget and what she cared about covering for me. 🥰 Now I have insurance to pay 90% of my vet bills and my mom doesn't need to worry so much about getting into mischief. 🤨 If you're thinking about protecting your furry loved one you should! Do yourself a favor and check out Fursure! You don't need to waste time doing hours of research. They will help you find the right option.

Arianna W., Mini Aussie Shepherd Mom (Hilo)
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