Customer success stories

Why Fursure

Our Customers’ Stories On Protecting Their Pets

We started Fursure with one simple idea in mind: To help pet parents like us, find and purchase the best possible insurance policy for their best friend.

It’s no secret that finding a pet insurance policy can take hours of research, cost comparison and vetting providers to see which one is the best fit for your pet. This process can be so difficult that many pet owners give up before they even begin searching.

And, we completely get it. You’re already busy enough with taking care of your pet and doing everything you can to keep them happy. There’s no reason to add even more to your plate.

So instead of burning hours in front of the computer and feeling completely overwhelmed - we’ll do the legwork for you.

The Fursure Process

Our approach is simple:
  • We schedule a call to learn everything we can about your pet
  • Using our notes: we do the research, analyze and compare costs to determine suitable options for your specific situation
  • We’ll present you with a list of policies to choose from
  • You’ll select your policy, purchase and your pet is covered!

We help pet parents because we truly believe in maintaining the wellbeing of our pets by giving them the absolute best life. In these video testimonials, our customers let us know why they’ve chosen Fursure to help them protect their pet:

Knowing It Was Time For Insurance:
“My dog got into some trouble eating a rug and he had to go to the vet, which was really expensive. We realized that we should get pet insurance for Cooper’s own health and for our sanity.”
Not Knowing Where To Start:
“Everytime I looked into getting pet insurance, it was so confusing. There were so many different options out there, but I wanted to find the best policy for us and that would be affordable.”
We Tried Doing Our Own Research:
“When we first started learning about pet insurance it was mostly through friends and Google. We basically got a lot of dated information that turned out to be no longer relevant.”
“It was crazy and chaotic out there on the Internet trying to shop for pet insurance. You don’t really know who the players are in the industry or how reputable these companies are.”
Fursure Made The Process Seamless:
“Completely randomly, we saw Fursure about two weeks before we were going to get our dog, Rookie. They were incredibly helpful and really spelled out how the industry has changed over the last five years. If we had tried to do the research ourselves, we wouldn’t have gotten the same quality of information and it would have taken forever.”
Pet Insurance Ended Up Being Affordable:
“My friend told me about Fursure, I was like absolutely yes. I’m really happy that we ended up with the insurance we got. It’s definitely affordable with full coverage.”
On Giving Our Customers Top of the Line Service:
“I came in already armed with a good bit of knowledge and already thought I knew everything. But after talking to Catherine and getting their white glove service, I realized there was still a lot that I didn’t know.”
We Make It Easy To Get Your Pet Covered:
“We’re going to do all the research for you, present you with the best options for your situation, your family, your dog and all you have to do is pick one. That just sounded like an ideal situation, I can’t believe that this exists.”
The Goal of Fursure:
“If we had not stumbled upon Fursure, we would not have pet insurance right now.”

Our mission as a company is to make sure that we are providing our customers with the best possible service and educating them with all the information they need to protect and care for their pet.

With our research, guidance and continual service - even after you buy your policy - we’re here to make finding a pet insurance plan as seamless as possible for every pet parent. No need for hours on Google, confusing jargon or outdated information - with our customized approach we’ll present your options and let you choose the best fit for your family.

This is why our customers have chosen us to help them protect their pet and we’re incredibly happy to have them as part of our Fursure family. Our continued mission is and always will be to educate and guide pet owners around the country through the process of finding and buying a policy to keep their furry friend happy, healthy and living their best life.